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3 essentials for your birth bag

Head onto any mom Facebook group and you will see questions about what to pack for your stay at the hospital, and the list is exhaustive and overwhelming, so let’s break it down.

Here are the 3 most essential items to bring to your birth at LHSC (or any hospital)

1) Food\drink

During your labour at LHSC (London health sciences centre) you will have access to clear fluids and light foods like toast and peanut butter. labour is hard work, so it’s important to nourish your body throughout the process, unless your care provider says it’s not safe to eat during labour, bring your favourite light snacks like fruit, granola, yogurt etc.

If you’re looking to bring something that will pack some punch for some quick energy, Honey sticks lollipops and sports drinks can be a great option. If you lose your appetite during labour, you can always save it for when you’re recovering. Trust me, you will be thirsty in the days after giving birth, so whatever you don’t use in labour can be used afterwards

2) Comfy clothes to labour and recover in

Birth is beautiful, and messy. A midwife at my first doula birth said ‘women are leaky’, it’s a term that is accurate AF. The gowns they give you at the hospital are handy for keeping your clothes safe from stains, but they can be pretty uncomfortable to labour or breastfeed\chestfeed in.

Whether you’re birth plan includes a home birth or taking every chance you have to take ‘all the drugs’, the thing to consider when choosing a birthing outfit is that your temperature will perceivably change. Sometimes you will feel overheated, or cold. So items such as sports bras, old pajamas, warm socks, slippers and house coats can bring a great deal of comfort for labouring in the hospital.

3) Postpartum pads and toiletries

These are hot items in the hospital, meaning that they are in somewhat of a limited supply. After delivery at LHSC you will get one gigantic pad, and then after that about half a dozen postpartum pads that are about the size of a regular maxi pad. As stated once above birth is messy, and women are leaky, so invest in some sample size toiletries to stick in your bag.

If you are staying at the hospital for an extended time you’ll likely want to shower at least once before going home, or at least have items to freshen up with. It’s important to remember that the hospital is a scent free zone, so please be considerate when thinking about things like body sprays or highly fragrant deodorants.

You might be tempted, especially as a first time parent to pack more, and that’s OK. If having stuff helps you feel more prepared, go for it, that on it’s own can be a comfort whether you use the ‘stuff’ or not. Chances are however, you probably won’t use a lot of the extra things you pack. Comfort is a need that can be met many ways, and what you think you will use or enjoy having around now might not be what you want in the moment.

Remember, birth isn’t about what stuff you bring to it, your birth plan won’t hinge on whether or not you have honey sticks, or your favourite fuzzy socks. The hospital has many supplies for all of the comfort measures you might want to try including warm blankets and birth balls. Remember: Once you enter that birth room, it is your birthing space!

-Kate Williamson PSW, birth and postpartum doula


So why does menses matter?

As followers of the Facebook page for this blog will know I have started a 2 week donation drive called menses matters

But why does menses matter? Did you know that pads and tampons are one of the least donated items at food banks and shelters? These are not items that people think of when making donations.

Watch: “The homeless period” —-> https://youtu.be/ABch4VYOJZ0

Periods are a fact of life for a large part of the population, pads tampons, menstrual cups (etc) are all products we use to meet the needs for cleanliness, dignity and even comfort. But what happens when we can’t afford them? There has been a lot of discussion over the years on whether pads and tampons are a necessity or a luxury. I would like to think most of us treat them as a basic necessity, like diapers or toilet paper.

That’s why I decided to run this drive, to help support others and maybe make someone’s life just a little easier. That is also why this drive is collecting toiletries and comfort items as well, because dealing with having a period isn’t as simple as having pads on hand. Some people experience heavy pains and even exhaustion.

Would you like to help? Make sure you like our page https://www.facebook.com/mensesmatters/

And join our group for organizing and updates https://www.facebook.com/groups/133835134011961/

It makes a world of difference when you like comment and share flyers and our social media posts. Each share makes the drive more visible.

And of course you can help by donating! In fact the most effective way you can donate is to send us a picture of your donation or post one on your on your own and tag our page. We really love hearing about what has inspired you to give such a gift to your community!

It matters greatly if people have access to menstruation products, it matters if they have enough food, can stay clean, and if they are suffering from pain or discomfort. Poverty matters, dignity matters, women matter therefore #mensesmatters

Thank you for reading and sharing


Donations can be brought directly to Safe Space, or The Hive London

Friday feature: Sew much love

Sew much love is a small business in London Ontario that creates essential handmade items for babies and new parents! And by essential we also mean beautiful.

Inspired by a love of sewing for her own children Raine began Sew Much Love a few years ago, creating handmade pieces such as nursing scarves, soft sole baby shoes, soother clips (soother clips are essential to a new mom’s sanity!) and even nursing scarves

Sew Much Love provides unique items that are both practical and gorgeous, perfect for baby shower gifts. The products mentioned (and more) can be found and purchased at http://www.sewmuchlove.ca and at prim and pauper in London, Ontario. If you want to check out more about Sew Much Love make sure to head to their website, Instagram and Facebook page.

Instagram: @sew_much_love
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sewmuchlove1

Starting this month this blog will be featuring local talent every Friday. For more information on featuring your business on the blog (for free) please contact greatexpectationsdoula@gmail.com. we are always happy to feature local businesses in the London and surrounding area free of charge

Written by Kate, a certified postpartum and birth doula, PSW and mom of three

Dancing for Birth

Have you heard of this phenomenal, energizing, connecting, educational and dynamic class for expecting and new moms? Read on



Dancing for birth combines intuitive childbirth education with…you guessed it! DANCING!

When I decided to join Sheina’s Dancing for Birth Class, I’ll admit I was nervous, because I hadn’t danced in years (well, outside of my kitchen when a scissor sisters song comes on- then I just can’t help myself). I was pretty sure I couldn’t dance at all (and I will vehemently state that I DO NOT dance in public situations), but I figured it would be a good motivation to get out of the house and active with my (then) babe in arms.

The best part of the class was getting to talk to other moms, while we had fun and exercised! I felt energized, and lighter after each class.

I loved every class, in fact I was sad when it was over, and If I was pregnant right now I’d be signing up for the next series… which happens to start very soon BTW (March 21 https://www.facebook.com/events/242210862851251/) hint hint 😉

Do you have questions for Sheina? Head over to her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DancingforBirthLondonOn%20/

or email her at sheina@dancingforbirth.com

Have you been to a dancing for birth class? tell us what you thought!


-Written by Kate, Local (London,ON) birth and postpartum doula, PSW, Student and mother of 3