Great Expectations Annual Diaper Drive

Thats right! We’re doing it (again!)


This is the perfect time to throw some education your way. Prepare to learn



Why do I do this? because I was that parent who couldn’t afford diapers. The month my first child was born we couldn’t afford rent or groceries and we turned to the food bank for help, they gave us 8 diapers, and I remember thinking ‘How can I make 8 diapers last?’

Now, I’m in a position to help. Join us as we raise awareness for a critical need in London. #helpababyoutlndn



Spring Diaper Drive

I am delighted to announce that I am organizing a diaper drive starting on March 21rst! and ending on March 31rst


All donations will go to The Rothholme Shelter and Lifespin, both of which serve families in crisis

Please join our group if you wish to donate: Join our facebook group

We will be accepting:

Unopened/opened Disposable diapers (larger sizes are preferred)

Gently used baby clothing

Cloth diapers

and unopened baby toiletries as well

Drop off Locations:

Unique Birth Services (March 2rst only)

Come to the Wholistic hall, enjoy an afternoon of pampering and drop off your diaper drive donation!

head on over to:

Rebirth Wellness Centre
256 Central Ave
London, ON
N6A 1M8

Nurturing Baby (home address-please check out the drop off list in the group)
Sweet Stellas (home address- please see the drop off list posted in the group)
More locations to come!


Great Expectations

Sweet Stellas

Nurturing Baby

Rebirth Wellness Centre

The Doula Chef

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