So why does menses matter?

As followers of the Facebook page for this blog will know I have started a 2 week donation drive called menses matters

But why does menses matter? Did you know that pads and tampons are one of the least donated items at food banks and shelters? These are not items that people think of when making donations.

Watch: “The homeless period” —->

Periods are a fact of life for a large part of the population, pads tampons, menstrual cups (etc) are all products we use to meet the needs for cleanliness, dignity and even comfort. But what happens when we can’t afford them? There has been a lot of discussion over the years on whether pads and tampons are a necessity or a luxury. I would like to think most of us treat them as a basic necessity, like diapers or toilet paper.

That’s why I decided to run this drive, to help support others and maybe make someone’s life just a little easier. That is also why this drive is collecting toiletries and comfort items as well, because dealing with having a period isn’t as simple as having pads on hand. Some people experience heavy pains and even exhaustion.

Would you like to help? Make sure you like our page

And join our group for organizing and updates

It makes a world of difference when you like comment and share flyers and our social media posts. Each share makes the drive more visible.

And of course you can help by donating! In fact the most effective way you can donate is to send us a picture of your donation or post one on your on your own and tag our page. We really love hearing about what has inspired you to give such a gift to your community!

It matters greatly if people have access to menstruation products, it matters if they have enough food, can stay clean, and if they are suffering from pain or discomfort. Poverty matters, dignity matters, women matter therefore #mensesmatters

Thank you for reading and sharing


Donations can be brought directly to Safe Space, or The Hive London


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