3 Tips For Changing Toddlers (peacefully)

Your cooing, drooling, adorable little bundle of joy who hardly squirmed or put up a fuss about diaper changes, bath time, or being dressed, has changed into a (still adorable) laughing, running, thrashing, autonomous human being.The days of a still, cuddly baby on the change table are long gone.

 You might feel frustrated and maybe discouraged if they decide to use their new found autonomy come diaper changing time. You might also begin to dread diaper changes, and maybe dislike how upset your little one becomes. I assure you, you are not the first parent to have a toddler running around with a saggy diaper (or better yet naked) because it wasn’t worth the struggle.
Here are 3 quick tips I have learned diapering 3 toddlers
1) Take Your Time

Nothing will kill your toddlers desire to be cooperative faster than you trying to rush them. Nothing. So, make sure you have a good 10-20 minute window of time if possible. If 10-20 minutes isn’t possible then having an established routine will be, so read on.
2) Find ways to make it fun

Making diaper time fun, could mean something as simple as a special toy on the change table or having a soother\ teething toy (or in our case a favourite baby lotion).Music, or even a favourite video or t.v show can help keep a toddler calm or distracted (and still)
3) Involve them as much as possible

It sounds counterproductive but it’s really not. Little things like letting your toddler pick their diaper or getting the wipes etc are helpful in keeping them calm and encouraging cooperation. Talk to your toddler about what your doing and why, throughout the process. Let them play with a wipe or have them throw the old diaper in the garbage. Or maybe they want to name their body parts, like their feet or toes while you clean them up.
I’m no expert but I do know what has worked with my 3 kiddos over the years. These tips may not work on the first try, especially if the child has formed a habit of fighting you during a diaper change, but over time your toddler will learn to cooperate more if you remain peaceful and calm in your attempts. Nothing ever works 100% of the time so just try new things and experiment with what works and what doesn’t with your toddler
And if all else fails and they are ripping off diapers and clothes constantly… You can always dress them backwards! Let us know if you have any other tips in the comments and I’ll make sure to include them in the next post!
More toddler tips to come. Make sure you check back for quick parenting tips from me and other local experts.
Written by Kate Williamson, Mother of 3, blogger, Birth and Postpartum Doula, and full time fanshawe student


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